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Coaching for Finding the Sweet-Spot in Career & Life

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Are you in the middle of a quarter-life crisis: hard to choose between switch jobs, get married & start a family, pursue higher degree, become an entrepreneur, or else? Feeling stuck, confused, and struggling? Have no clue what's next? Let's talk over coffee to discover your sweet-spot in career & life.


I understand your pain, because I've been there and I know how it felt of having no one to talk to. After 250+ hours in career & life coaching (and experienced 10.000+ hours in recruiting, as well as 150+ hours speaking in workshops & seminars), here I am to be your accountable and productive partner to help you discover the sweet-spot in career & life with passion and compassion, empowering you one step at a time, so you can enjoy your journey towards becoming the best version of yourself. Don't worry, I will give you the time & space to safely express yourself, and I will listen to your story, until you get better. From there, I'll be asking powerful questions (as well as challenge you to look outside your comfort zone) and we'll going to have a deep conversation to process and sort the best solutions for your root cause. After having a journey together, you'll discover a strength & confident from within, and eventually moving forward from the point you're now at.

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