Siska Rene
Career counselor, recruitment specialist

saya bantu dengan :
  • Character Building
  • Free Session
  • Career Building
  • Intrinsic Motivation Building

I am your friend, your colleague, your family, and someone to talk to. Probably not the best problem solver, but I am able to support you with all of your stories, especially about your career.


"Unconditional positive regard", that's my basic approach. We are only human with all good and bad sides indeed, but I do believe we were born with potential and all good traits.

Lokasi dan Bahasa :

  • Asia/Jakarta
  • Indonesian, English


  • 6
  • Gadjah Mada University


  • Y

    Yohanna Aprilia

    2022, Mei 17
  • Gerry Sukamdani

    Gerry Sukamdani

    2021, Des 17
  • G

    Grace Wijaya

    2021, Des 17
    Terima kasih banyak kak Encis atas bimbingannya, sangat bermanfaat dan membantu sekali
  • S

    Shanerika Salina

    2021, Des 17
  • N

    Niyu Avril

    2021, Sep 10