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Work Burnout Healing
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Flavia Sungkit
I believe everyone has their own strength and potential to live life to the fullest, with the right mindset and ability to regulate the emotion. I combine Ikigai perspective and positive psychology approach. It’s suit to everyone that focus on having meaningful life and want to move forward, especially on their career.
Career and Leadership
Licensed Therapist
Subekti Biyantara
"Being listened or accepted is a key that might be the help, you need the most"
Career Counselling, Group Counselling,
Professional Mentor
Rahmadhani Isnaini
Career confusion, work burnout, or lack of excitement in the office can be a stressful situation faced by employees. If you're facing a familiar situation at work, I know ways to help you manage it. I'm a Psychologist experienced in career counseling and have helped and guided employees to find a solution for their career problem.
Career, Interest & Personality
Licensed Therapist
Tsamara Fahrana
I will really listen to what you need to say without judging you. I am committed to holding a safe space for you to be yourself. You can comfortably share the thoughts, feelings, and behaviors that have bothered you. Together, we can discover the root cause of your problems, and I can be your accountability coach to take steps towards the life you deserve.
Mindfulness, Meditation, Yoga, Journaling, Human Design
Professional Mentor
Marissa Leufke Nasution
Life is an ever-changing Journey and we are a part of it. Big moments can bring challenges. Feeling out of balance is absolutely normal, I am here and excited to explore with you purposeful changes, a conscious mindset and your path in achieving your dream goals. May you be a stressed parent, overworked at your job, feeling the pandemic loneliness or struggling with being motivated throughout your days, let's have a talk!
Life and Conscious Parenting Coach
Certified Coach
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