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Trauma Healing
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To have a great mental health is like a NEVER ENDING PROCESS. I love to HELP & ACCOMPANY you in that process to DISCOVER & FULFILL your PURPOSE for LIVING. Why? Because your life has a PURPOSE, your story is IMPORTANT, your dreams COUNT, your voice MATTERS, and.. you were born to make an IMPACT.
Youth and adolescence; Relationship; Well Being
Psychology Counselor
Widuri Nur Anggraieni
Sangatlah manusiawi bagi kita sebagai manusia untuk mendapatkan support dari orang lain. I will put my best efforts to support you to find the best version of you.
Tumbuh Kembang Anak, Personal Well Being, Family Wellness
Psychology Counselor
Hendrick Tanuwidjaja
If you are struggling with stress, anxiety, low and mild depression, sleep difficulties, I also had these experiences in the past. With this backstory and professional background in mindfulness, I'm usually working with people that have these problems. My clients says that they reclaim their calmness and their lives again after the sessions.
Mindfulness, Compassion, MBSR and MBCT, Mental Health
Branding Expert
Sebagai seorang Psikolog Klinis saya bekerja untuk dapat membantu klien terutama di remaja dan dewasa muda untuk melewati masa transisi dan masa krisis yang berkaitan dengan identitas dan permasalahan diri. Saya dapat membantu klien untuk membersihkan luka batin dan mencapai aktualisasi diri dengan terapi psikologi melalui daring.
Psikolog klinis
Family Counselor
My passion is in helping other to feel safe in their body so they will be able to feel safe in healing their emotional trauma. I learned and took certification as a mean to heal my own self, and with this wisdom I'd like to help others too.
I incorporate body work to help healing body & emotional trauma.
Career Coach