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Family Bonding / Attachment
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Estrelita Gracia
Melalui sesi konsultasi ini, saya akan membantu Anda untuk menyadari perbedaan dan menggunakan persamaan nilai sebagai kekuatan untuk membangun relasi yang solid bersama pasangan. Dengan merefleksikan pengaruh lingkungan sosio-kultural dalam berelasi, maka dapat tercipta relasi yang kokoh berlandaskan persahabatan yang akrab, mampu mengelola konflik, dan memiliki tujuan serta kebermaknaan hidup yang selaras.
Intercultural Relationship & Marriage Counselor
Professional Mentor
Nanda Agastya Wardana
If you think you are struggling with stress, anxiety, and insecurity, I can collaborate with you to help you manage your struggles. I am best at working with collaborative clients because only then do I believe therapies can work. I am always curious about my clients and ready to listen to any issues you might be struggling with.
Anxiety, career counselling and relationships.
Licensed Therapist
Yoan Tricylia Dewi
I specialize in anything in regards to education, children, teenagers/young adults, and family. But I comfortable with anything, so if you have some issues and you need to let it out, I'm here to listen!
Educational Psychologist
Licensed Therapist
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