Friday, Oct 1, 2021

Don't Take Something For Granted

Early this month, I was shocked found that our favourite korean restaurant closed pemanently. We have been customers for years because of its good services, good and delicious food with reasonable price. Sounds a very good formula and meet all criteria for success, and I was left stunning found it is not worked.


Recently  we are familiar with VUCA idiom : Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, Ambiguous, and it seems we meet this term more  often in our daily life.

When we are transition from our stages of life, from teenage to adult, from adult to retired period, sometimes it left us vulnarable and uncertain, feeling helpless.


From my Coaching lesson, I learn, to listen intently, to connect deeply and help other to see different perspective, and that sometimes what we need, so we can see more clearly and find substance of our problem. 

The lesson from closed down of our favourite korean restaurant showed we can’t  take something for granted. What we know today become obsolote and not relevant tomorrow.

So, keep contact with our innerself, keep listening and make connection inside and outside with that hopefully we can stay relevant and sail smoothly through all changes

Budi Guna Halim
Budi Guna Halim
Coaching for career development, finding meaningful life