Friday, Sep 24, 2021

My Chicken Porridge Story


I born and grew up in chinese family, where foods become our second language. Wether we are happy or sad, alone or gather with whole family, food always become a center of our activities.

My mother always want me learn and can cook my meals, she always share me the recipes, delivered foods even when we are living in different island. But occupied with works, and spoiled with convenience of dining out, I am never learn to cook intently, my top achievement is cook instant noodle that far below in comparison with tempting instant noodles from the street vendor.

Then come covid-19, our life rhythm change, and in last September my mother passed away. To seek the new balance, I am trying to do new things, include learning simple cooking from my mother recipes and from our most seeking mentor : youtube.

Look at to the my breakfast : Chicken Porridge, I realize there is similarity when we are preparing breakfast with how we manage our career, our life, it is start with passion. And with that come a long way process for learning. There is no short cut to succeed. 

And if finaly we can eat happily a bowl of hot chicken porridge, it comes from preparation, processing and keep balanccing everything. So did our job, so did our career and our life.


So how is your breakfast story ?....

Budi Guna Halim
Budi Guna Halim
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