Subekti Biyantara
Career Counselling, Group Counselling,

saya bantu dengan :
  • Career Path Building
  • Work Burnout Healing
  • Character Building
  • Goal Setting Building
  • Career Building & Leadership

"Being listened or accepted is a key that might be the help, you need the most"


We help clients to get the full understanding of their problem, their ideal self, their strength, and shape all the aspects to the specific goals based on the work balance and quality of life. we want clients' vision to be clear, the goals to be declared and the specific action is built.

Lokasi dan Bahasa:

  • Asia/Jakarta
  • Indonesian, English


  • 4
  • Universitas Gadjah Mada
  • 2018


  • Aen Hendrawati

    2021, Agu 25
  • Nova Anisa

    2021, Agu 22
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